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People frequently mix up the terms ‘design’ and ‘formatting‘. But there is a significant difference between publication design and formatting. A designer makes a design. Overall design is created by combining the photographs, text and other visual information available. These elements are used to create the appearance – in other words, the exterior. Formatting is preparation of the future publication, signboard, advertising booklet or business cards for printing, when the final version is created by laying out the client’s provided or designer’s created textual and visual information. It must be noted that a layout cannot be created without special equipment. Software programs are used in providing a layout service, with the help of which a layout pleasing to the eye and meeting the client’s requirements is created.

Text formatting services and related works are available remotely all over Lithuania: in Kaunas, Panevėžys, Alytus, Telšiai, Tauragė, etc., and in Vilnius and Klaipėda, where our translation agencies are based.

Should you need any type of a layout, you are kindly invited to contact Baltijos vertimai UAB providing translation, interpreting and formatting services. Contact us now and receive an offer!

Formatting is preparation of an aesthetic and convenient-to-use (for reading, publishing) layout, when textual and visual information is arranged neatly and logically, and necessary proportions are retained with the use of special software programs.

User manuals, catalogues, advertising booklets and other types of texts are usually full of diagrams, charts and pictures. Translation usually changes the length and structure of the text, therefore retaining graphics in the appropriate positions is not always successful. The easiest way to solve these issues is to entrust them to the text formatting specialist. Baltijos vertimai UAB offer formatting not only of translations but also of your texts. If you need distorted text layout to be fixed with formatting software, we can correct approximately 30 pages per day. When creating a new layout using complex graphic elements, we will agree on completion terms that suit you.

Translations are usually formatted according to the original layout. However, texts without a layout example can also be arranged. In that case, the intended purpose of the text is considered. Sometimes, line-breaking errors, distortions of some symbols or ‘loss’ of text segments happen during formatting. Therefore, correction of formatted texts is always carried out additionally.

Project manager receives a text for formatting from the client project manager conducts initial inspection and selects a formatting expertthe formatting expert formats the texts and forwards to the project manager the project manager reviews the formatting and arranges correction the project manager sends the formatted text to the client. 

Formatting price is set:

  • per page
  • considering the complexity of the formatting and graphic elements
  • considering the text format provided
  • when already formatted text is received for translating in Wordor Adobe InDesign format, the final translation layout arrangement will cost you a minimum price or nothing at all

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