Translations of medical documents

Medicine was, is and always will be a complex field not comprehensible to everyone, with many specific terms which even in your native language may sound like ‘bird language’. If you have a user manual of a medical device in a foreign language, you will waste lots of time trying to translate the text by yourself, and what if the manual is in a language that unfortunately you do not speak? Baltijos vertimai UAB can do this job for you. This kind of translation may be needed by individuals and companies with medicine-related business. Experienced translators of Baltijos vertimai will provide high-quality and timely translations of the following medical texts from a foreign language into your requested language:

  • Medical extracts, records, various certificates
  • Clinical trial reports
  • User manuals and descriptions of medical devices
  • Documents issued by medical and pharmaceutical establishments
  • Other documents

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Translation services of various medical documents, extracts, certificates and other important medical texts are remotely available all over Lithuania.  We are also always pleased to see you at our offices in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda.

Medicine is not the only field in which we offer translations. Contact us if you need translation of a financial, legal, technical, marketing or website text. We will be happy to help you with translations of scientific articles or their summaries, fiction and advertising texts, press releases and identity documents! Contact us when you need any kind of translation.

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