For translators and copywriters!

If you have a love of language and understand that technology and translation, text and SEO are inseparable these days, and if you constantly seek to improve your skills and are looking for long-term collaboration, we invite you to join the team at Baltijos vertimai UAB.

Your country of residence is not important to us! If you are a translator, we expect you to have an educational background in philology and a minimum 3 years’ working experience in the translations industry. If you are a copywriter, we expect you to have at least 3 years’ copywriting experience and that you are continuously improving your skills.

We will send you a test translation or copywriting assignment to establish if your combination of languages or specialisation of your copywriting are relevant to us at the moment.

You will be included in our database after assessing the quality of your translation or copywriting. We will inform selected translators and copywriters.

 You have not received a test translation? Don’t give up! Continue improving and changing. Get back in touch with us after six months. We will probably be ready by then to accept you onto our team.

Copywriters and translators are always wanted!

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