Simultaneous interpreting services

You can order simultaneous interpreting services to and from Lithuanian and foreign languages and from one foreign language to another at the offices of Baltijos vertimai UAB. We also provide rental services of simultaneous interpreting equipment (interpreters’ booth, control panels with LCD monitor and control devices, headphones, special microphones and receivers with headphones for the audience). You can place your order for simultaneous interpreting here or you can get in touch with the offices of Baltijos vertimai UAB through the given contacts.

What is simultaneous interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting is interpreting when the interpreter sits in a booth and interprets (translates) a speaker’s words with a delay of just a few seconds. An interpreter sitting in a closed booth hears the speaker through the headphones and interprets into a microphone. The audience outside listens to the interpreter’s words through the headphones issued to every person who needs interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting is very intense work that needs huge concentration; therefore, two interpreters who can replace one another after an agreed period of time are required. Bigger conference halls are usually equipped for simultaneous interpreting, if needed, and interpreting equipment can be rented from our translation agency.

Simultaneous interpreting is usually needed at international conferences, symposiums and training courses. But what should be done when only three people in the audience of one hundred need interpreting? In this case, whisper interpreting is recommended. During whisper interpreting, the interpreter sits next to the people who need interpreting and whispers the translation from one language into the other into the ear of one or more participants without disturbing the remaining audience.

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