Translation from Belarusian and translation into Belarusian

Belarusian is one of three East Slavic languages, mainly spoken in Belarus and Eastern Poland. Despite being recognised as the official language of the Republic of Belarus (along with Russian), schools teaching in Russian account for as much as 80 per cent. In addition, because of the impact of the Russian, Polish and Ukrainian languages, only 10 per cent of the Belarus population speak Belarusian. Belarusian is spoken by approximately 7–8 million people all over the world.

Translation, interpreting, editing/proofreading and translation from video and audio recordings are available in the following most popular language combinations:
BelarusianLithuanian; LithuanianBelarusian;
BelarusianEnglish; EnglishBelarusian;
BelarusianRussian; RussianBelarusian;
BelarusianGerman; GermanBelarusian;
BelarusianPolish; PolishBelarusian;
BelarusianNorwegian; NorwegianBelarusian,

and others

We cooperate with a large number of ultimate qualification specialists all over the world; therefore, we can guarantee quality translation and editing services.

Our translation offices are based in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. Translations of small volume documents (certificates, official documents, etc.) and big volume and complex instructions are available.

Translation price is calculated according to the volume of translation, i.e. according to the number of characters or words in the text. Translation price also depends on the combination of languages, text complexity and translation urgency.

Contact us through on the website or send us a request and find out the price of the translation of your requested combination of languages.

Many fields have specific terminology. Therefore, to ensure proper understanding of the translated text, we choose translators with expert knowledge of the appropriate field:

* we cooperate exclusively with experienced and highly qualified translators;

* the majority of translators are not only graduates of language studies; they also keep improving their knowledge in various fields on an ongoing basis;
* with the biggest network of translators all over the world, we can offer translations of documents from various fields (law, technical, economics, etc.).

The high quality of our translation services is guaranteed not only by professional translators but also by proper organisation of the entire translation order management process:

  • text assessment
  • selection of suitable translators and editors/proofreaders
  • translation
  • text review
  • editing/proofreading
  • quality assessment of the final translation

The usual workload of one translator is 5–8 pages per working day. If you need an urgent translation, contact us by phone or email.

For further information and translation prices, get in touch with us

Translation services are available remotely all over Lithuania.

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