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Translation price is established taking into account of a number of factors:

  • Number of characters or words in the text for translation (one translation page contains 1,500 characters without spaces, or 250 words)
  • Urgency of translation (extra fee up to 30 per cent can be charged for urgency)
  • Text specifics (the number of translators proficient in specific fields (e.g. microbiology, physics, etc.) is limited, therefore translation of such texts will cost more and take longer)
  • Additional services ordered (a text for translation contains many tables and you want the translation to be identical to the original, i.e. when the services of a professional layout specialist are needed, or when you want the translation to be proofread by a native speaker)

Price can be calculated quickly and precisely if you attach a .doc document to your enquiry. If you send a document in any other format (.jpg, .png, .pdf, etc.) for pricing, we will have to convert the file first before being able to calculate the characters precisely. Therefore, our reply can take a bit longer.

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Interpretation price is calculated taking into account the following:

–                       Number of hours (minimum duration of an order is 1 hour)

  • Specialisation (interpretation at a family dinner or interpretation at a scientific conference will require different interpretation skills and specific knowledge)
  • Combination of interpretation languages (for some language combinations, a limited number of interpreters is available causing big differences in price)

To ensure a smooth interpretation process, order our interpretation service as early as possible. You will always be requested to provide the topic and materials for interpretation to an interpreter to prepare and get familiar with specific terms.

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Electronic website translation price is determined according to your provided text. Electronic websites always contain pages that are ‘invisible’ to external users, such as confirmation receipt upon order, registration of email address, etc. Therefore, it would be best if the text from your website were copied by your IT specialist. We can also offer an IT specialist for copying your website text. Send your website address and our specialist will assess your website copying possibilities and price.

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