Consecutive interpreting services

The offices of Baltijos vertimai UAB provide consecutive interpreting services to and from Lithuanian and foreign languages and from one foreign language to another.  You can place your request here or you can get in touch with the offices of Baltijos vertimai UAB through the given contacts.

What is consecutive interpreting?

Consecutive interpreting is interpreting when the speaker and the interpreter speak in turns. The interpreter listens to the speaker, takes notes, memorises the key thoughts, and once the speaker makes a pause, delivers the translation to the audience. Consecutive interpreting is divided into two types:

  1. short consecutive interpreting when phrases are interpreted (2–3 sentences said by the speaker)
  2. long consecutive interpreting when a fragment of the speaker’s speech of a duration of 5–10 or even 15–20 minutes is repeated in the target language

One or two interpreters taking turns can deliver interpreting, considering the duration and intensity of interpreting. When ordering this type of interpreting, you have to remember that your event will take longer than planned, because the audience will have to listen to both the speaker and the interpreter.

Consecutive interpreting is the right choice for business lunches or negotiations, presentations, trips abroad; it also helps to create cosy relationships between the organisers and the audience at conferences and openings of international events. Interpreters providing consecutive interpreting services not only speak fluently in the foreign language without any distinctive accent but also have knowledge of the cultural and social contexts of the target language and observe dress code and protocol requirements.

Consecutive, immediate text interpreting services are available in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. We have translation offices based in Vilnius and Klaipėda, where we could discuss the plan for interpreting service in more detail with you.

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