Translation of video and audio recordings

The offices of Baltijos vertimai UAB offer another popular translation service that is highly relevant today – translation from video and audio recordings. Texts from various fields are translated: seminars, meetings, films, conferences and advertising materials, which are needed by the client in the language other than the source language.

It must be noted that texts that are translated into Lithuanian are already edited/proofread (this service is included into the translation price) before issuing them to the client. Therefore, upon receipt of the translation, you can publish it straight away.

To ensure the quality of the text translated into a foreign language, we offer editing/proofreading services by a native speaker of the target language. It ensures the translation sounds natural and light, because the translator, being a native speaker of the target language, has the best knowledge of the nuances and terms of the target language that should be used or avoided.

Translations of video and audio recordings are available remotely all over Lithuania: in Kaunas, Panevėžys, Alytus, Telšiai, Tauragė, etc., and in Vilnius and Klaipėda, where our translation agencies are based.

Should you have any further questions about translation of video and audio recordings, do not hesitate and get in touch with us through the contacts provided on the website.

Translation of video and audio recordings is translation where the original text is presented in video or audio recording instead of being written.

This kind of translation requires excellent skills of spelling, listening and understanding of a foreign language, and… patience. The result is the text file containing:

  • specified times of speech commencements.
  • notes about pauses and non-textual sounds.
  • all text segments and sentences.

Do you have audio or video recordings of a lecture, seminar, meeting, interview, film, advertising, etc. in a foreign language? Do you need its translation into Lithuanian or any other foreign language? In this case, translation of audio and video recordings is relevant to you.

  • Translation price depends on the amount of text and silence/non-textual sounds, etc. in the video/audio recording.
  • After checking the quality of the recording – if the text is heard poorly, speech is unclear or requires more effort, then the extra charge is applied.
  • Regarding urgency – very urgent orders are charged more.

You can contact your nearest office of Baltijos vertimai UAB. We cooperate with companies providing subtitling and sound recording services. Therefore, upon request, we can provide not only translation of video/audio recordings, but also arrange record subtitling or sound recording. Sound recording is conducted by professional actors. If required, sound recording can be carried out by several voices not only in Lithuanian but in foreign languages as well.

The sound recording price is set considering the target language, actor(s) selected, use of recordings, number of words and text accentuation.

For an exact price, get in touch through the given contacts now and receive an offer.

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