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Would you like to order translation into a foreign language which you are planning to publish or use for advertising and you are looking for flawless translation? Maybe you would like a Lithuanian linguist to proofread your written text and ensure it sounds great and is written according to all grammar, lexicology and style rules?

In these and many other cases, we recommend you order our translation editing/proofreading service. We guarantee quality and reliable correction of any stylistic, grammar and other mistakes in the texts that may impair the quality of your text.  Editing/proofreading essays, documents, books and other important translations are available remotely all over Lithuania: in Kaunas, Panevėžys, Alytus, Telšiai, Tauragė, etc., and in Vilnius and Klaipėda, where our translation agencies are based.

Should you have any further questions about editing/proofreading of translations or translation services, do not hesitate and get in touch with us through the contacts provided on the website. 

The offices of Baltijos vertimai UAB offer editing/proofreading of all types of texts from technical or medical documents to fiction. Our translations into Lithuanian are edited/proofread free of charge. Editor’s/proofreader’s services for your texts and foreign language editor’s/proofreader’s services (for translations of your texts) can be ordered additionally.

Editing/proofreading is a check and correction of the text layout, language (punctuation and spelling) and style, without changing the substance. Sometimes, one language mistake or nuance of inappropriate style can make the text inadequate. To prevent any of these inconveniences, texts need editing/proofreading. A combination of diligent work by a translator and editor/proofreader guarantees translation consistency. During editing/proofreading of translations, the source text is compared against the target text, i.e. figures, names, surnames and similar information, along with key terms, are checked.

  • We recommend ordering text editing when preparing texts for public use (e.g. company documents, agreements, contracts, cycles of lectures, public speeches, scenarios, etc.), publishing, when you have doubts regarding text layout, language correctness or text style. We recommend ordering the services of Lithuanian linguists and foreign language editors/proofreaders. Translations into foreign languages are checked and corrected by target language native speaker editors.

Project manager receives the translated text project manager performs initial review editor/proofreader edits/proofreads the textproject manager reviews editing/proofreading and forwards it to the translatortranslator reviews the edited translation project manager sends the translation to the client.

Translation check helps to prevent translation errors. The verifier or second translator reviews the translation, corrects any syntax, punctuation, spelling or meaning errors, checks translations of terms and suggests possible improvements of the translation. Why can this job not be done by the editor/proofreader? If the editor/proofreader has excellent command of the source foreign language and translation skills, he/she can check the translation. But sometimes finding an editor with excellent command of a rare foreign language is complicated.

For example, text is translated from Hebrew into Lithuanian. A Lithuanian language editor/proofreader will eliminate any language and style errors left in the translation, but verification of the target and source texts will be limited to layout and Roman numerals. If we want to check if the translation is correct, we will need the services of a second Hebrew-Lithuanian translator.

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