Are you planning to have a business lunch with clients from another country? Are you organising a conference or a training course for foreigners? Would you like an interpreter for a relative’s wedding or for a radio or television program? Are you planning to go abroad but you don’t know the local language at your destination? Our translation agency’s interpreting service is available for these needs and other situations.

Interpreting is the oral translation of spoken communication between two people or more: There are two options for interpreting: simultaneous or consecutive. Which to choose will depend on the place and circumstances of the event where the interpreting services are required. For simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter usually sits in a booth with at least one other colleague and as he hears the speaker’s words, he simultaneously interprets (translates) them, speaking into a microphone. The audience outside listens to the translation through headphones. For consecutive interpreting, the interpreter takes part in the conversation/interview and as the speaker says something (a phrase or sentence) in one language, the interpreter repeats it in another language for the benefit of those listening in the audience. Consecutive interpreting takes a bit longer because the interpreter does not speak at the same time as the primary speaker.

You can submit an order for interpreting here or you can get in touch with the offices of UAB Baltijos vertimai through these contacts.