UAB Baltijos vertimai is pleased to be able to offer you its services. We translate financial, legal, technical, medical and marketing texts, including those for internet websites.

Translation is more than just transferring a text from one language to another. It involves a feel for style, a reproduction of the original font and format, consciousness of grammatical and lexical rules, writing appropriately for the target audience and much more. Our translation agency’s translators are well-qualified and have an excellent knowledge of their work, so they are more than able to perform high quality translations of various texts, and always within the agreed time.

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We can translate the following types of documents for you:

•                          financial,
•                          legal,
•                          technical,
•                          medical,
•                          internet websites
•                          sales and marketing.

Technical, medical, legal and economic texts for translation all have complex specialised terminology and they employ a plethora of technical terms and abbreviations, requiring attention from highly qualified translators and editors. These types of texts can only be translated by experienced professionals who know their work well. Most UAB Baltijos vertimai translators work or have worked in the above-mentioned fields. In addition, they are continually learning and raising their qualifications through special terminology training courses and they continually consult with specialists. Quality checking methodology is used to ensure the quality of translations.



How do we calculate the price of translations?
The price of a translation is set according to the number of words or typed characters in the text, the urgency of the service, the specific nature of the text and whether additional services were requested. Since a client can have various reasons for wanting to have a text translated, we offer you the opportunity to choose the optimum combination of quality and price by selecting the service plan most suitable for you. Usually the price of a translation is set according to the number of words or characters in the original text. When it is not feasible to count the number of words or characters because of the nature of the original text, the price of the translation is based on the number of words or characters in the translated text. If translation software with a TM (Translation Memory) is used, the translation price is based on the number of words in the original text. We also take into account the recurrence of identical or similar groups of words, for which, of course, the client pays less than having to pay for entirely new text.
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