Most popular languages. 2022 in numbers

It’s always interesting to look back at the results from the last period, to see what went well and where we need to make more effort. The numbers usually speak for themselves. They reflect not only the results of our work but also changes in society. The number of language combinations translated, languages translated from/into, is increasing. This means we are increasingly open to new cultures. More translations from Lithuanian mean that we step out into the wider world more and more boldly, and the fact that translations into Lithuanian are also requested more often reflects the trend of us being more and more interesting to the rest of the world. Looking at the results from last year, we can see which languages are being translated more frequently and which less often. Although the top five most popular languages and language combinations changed only slightly compared with 2021, the year that has just started is already full of surprises. But we’ll count them next year. In the meantime, here are the results for 2022:


1. Most frequently requested service: Translation
2. Total number of language combinations: 193
3. Language from which most translations were made: Lithuanian
4. Language from which translations were made least often: Sanskrit
5. Most popular language combination: English-Lithuanian
6. Most infrequent language combination: Thai-English

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Most popular services

We offer more than 20 services to our clients. The most popular services are translation, editing, translation certification (notarisation of the translator’s signature, certification by agency stamp, arranging for authentication of the document (apostille)), simultaneous interpreting and informative interpreting. Our most popular service is translation, with almost 1,000 more orders per year. We are pleased that the number of orders for other services has also increased. More and more clients have realised the importance of translating or editing their own writing. It should be noted that our statistics do not include editing translations into Lithuanian. This service is mandatory for all our translated texts and is provided free of charge to our clients. We have also experienced an increase in client trust in our interpreting service.



1. Translation: 15,434 orders
2. Editing: 3,836 orders
3. Translation certification services: 753 orders
4. Informative interpreting: 102 orders
5. Simultaneous interpreting: 26 orders


In 2021, the most popular services were the same but with a slight variation in their ranking.

1. Translation: 14,458 orders
2. Editing: 3,461 orders
3. Translation certification services: 724 orders
4. Simultaneous interpreting: 38 orders
5. Informative interpreting: 24 orders


Most popular and more infrequent languages

In 2022, we translated from/into 62 languages! And this is far more than the 45 languages we translated in 2021. It’s safe to say that our international friendships are paying off and we can offer our clients translations into many more and less common languages. The most popular languages we translated into/from remain the same: Lithuanian, English, Russian, Latvian and German. Lithuanian and English were the languages most frequently listed in our orders. And the least common languages were the most pleasing, especially as it’s the first time we’ve added them to our list of languages. Sanskrit was the language we were proud to translate for the first time in 2022 – it was not on our list in 2021. We had the same number of translation requests for Armenian in both 2021 and 2022 – 2 each year. Montenegrin and Filipino were also new in 2022.


Most frequent translations from/into the following languages Least frequent translations from/into the following languages
1. Lithuanian: 13,730 orders 62. Sanskrit: 2 orders
2. English: 9,330 orders 61 Armenian: 2 orders
3. Russian: 1,880 orders 60. Montenegrin: 2 orders
4. Latvian: 1,158 orders 59. Filipino: 2 orders
5. German: 770 orders 58. Macedonian: 2 orders



Most frequent translations from/into the following languages Least frequent translations from/into the following languages
1. Lithuanian: 12,478 orders 45. Armenian: 2 orders
2. English: 8,000 orders 44. Pashto: 2 orders
3. Russian: 1,694 orders 43. Bosnian: 4 orders
4. German: 1,216 orders 42. Belarusian: 4 orders
5. Latvian: 730 orders 41. Uzbek: 6 orders


Most popular and least common language combinations

In 2022, we translated as many as 193 language combinations! That’s 40 more than the 153 language combinations we translated in 2021.


Most popular language combinations Least common language combinations
1. English–Lithuanian: 4,912 orders 193. Thai–English: 2 orders
2. Lithuanian–English: 2,798 orders 192. English–Greek: 2 orders
3. Russian–Lithuanian: 918 orders 191. Lithuanian–Thai: 2 orders
4. Lithuanian–Russian: 772 orders 190. Lithuanian–Belarusian: 2 orders
5. English–Latvian: 500 orders 189. Tajik–Russian: 2 orders




Most popular language combinations Least common language combinations
1. English–Lithuanian: 3,570 orders 153. Persian–English: 2 orders
2. Lithuanian–English: 2,810 orders 152. Lithuanian–Maltese: 2 orders
3. Lithuanian–Russian: 762 orders 151. Bosnian–Lithuanian: 2 orders
4. Russian–Lithuanian: 744 orders 150. Swedish–Latvian: 2 orders
5. German–Lithuanian: 554 orders 149. Lithuanian–Bosnian: 2 orders



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