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Welcome to our website. You probably need professional translation services. Do you need to get a letter, document, instruction or contract translated from a foreign language? It would be fun to learn all the languages in the world, but wouldn’t that be rather complicated? That’s when a translation agency is your best choice! If you need translations in Vilnius or another city, we can offer you a choice of 200 translators working together through 2 translation agencies, all providing translation services that are of good quality and always delivered on time. We already have 24 years of experience in this field! We collaborate with translators and editors who are native speakers of the target languages. We also work with layout specialists and press centres. We continually improve the skills of our employees through training and by giving them feedback on the quality of their translations. You can trust the quality of the translation work carried out by Baltijos vertimai!



They trust us

AB „DFDS Seaways“ pažymi, kad UAB „Baltijos vertimai“ teikiamos vertimų ir kitos su šia sritimi susijusios paslaugos yra aukštos kokybės ir visada atliekamos laiku, todėl kelia didžiulę pridėtinę vertę šių paslaugų vartotojams. Įmonės darbuotojai yra labai paslaugūs, atsakingi ir visada atsižvelgia į užsakovų prašymus dėl vertimo terminų ir kokybės.

“We have been collaborating with Baltijos vertimai for quite a while and we are very satisfied. The staff there is always attentive to what we need and they deal with our requests promptly. When we need an urgent translation, we only contact Baltijos vertimai. When we need a notarised translation, we only contact Baltijos vertimai, because this translation agency not only satisfies us with its prices, but also with its prompt solutions. Thank you.”

Esame tarptautinė farmacijos distribucijos įmonė, tad galite įsivaizduoti verčiamų į ir iš anglų kalbos tekstų kiekius :). Dalinomės ne vienu darbu su Baltijos vertimais. Nedaugžodžiaujant: kolegos paslaugas suteikia greitai, profesionaliai ir patikimai. Visuomet lengvai stengiasi lanksčiai suderinti atliekamų darbų terminus, skubumą.

Apie Baltijos vertimus tik geriausi atsiliepimai! Greitas reagavimas į pateiktą vertimo užklausą, greitas atsakymas su pateiktomis vertimo kainomis ir terminais; atsižvelgiama į kliento poreikius ir stengiamasi vertimus atlikti kaip galima greičiau. Visada malonus bendravimas su klientu.

“We have been using the services of Baltijos vertimai for a number of years. They are professional, prompt and they provide quality service. We also trust them when we need to get highly specialised documents translated: expert opinions, technical specifications, court decisions. We have entrusted them a number of times with translating documents relating to arbitration processes abroad, when a particularly accurate use of legal terminology was required and the correct formulation of demands and objections. Pleasant service, a great team!”

“We have been using the services of UAB Baltijos vertimai for 3–4 years. We need to get rather technical texts translated: certificates, notices from taxation authorities in countries abroad, regulatory legislation from various foreign countries. The orders have been dealt with on time and flexibly and the work was of high quality. Any minor glitches that may have occurred were promptly rectified and have therefore been forgotten. We will certainly use your services in the future, especially when we need translations from “less common” languages.”

"Baltijos Vertimai has been our reliable partner for a long time. Good quality, speed and  flexibility of the translations and always taking the client`s wishes into account - those keywords describe our  cooperation."

"We have worked with "Baltijos vertimai" for some time now and are very satisfied with this

collaboration. Delivered in timely manner, always reachable and responsive for our changing

environment, reliable and qualitative services for a fair price."

"We are the long-term clients of this company and are very satisfied with their services."

“UAB Baltijos vertimai is the perfect partner for business people. They get the job done on time and accurately.”

“A company that is meticulous and flexible and meets the client’s needs punctually. You always give great value for the money. We thank you for your professional and punctual translations and your great service. We wish you well!”

"We have been working with Baltijos vertimai for a number of years now. We have never had any problem with the translations they have done for us from other languages into Lithuanian and from Lithuanian into other languages. The work has always been done on time and professionally, and our requirements have always been met."
"We rate your collaboration and the quality of the work you have done for us over the years very favourably. The work is always done quickly and accurately, despite the fact that we often ask you to do translation tasks very urgently. We look forward to working together with you in the future."
Over the three years that we have used the services of UAB Baltijos vertimai, we have been very satisfied with the translation services we have received. Your firm always meets our needs. We feel that we can really rely on you as partners, and we believe our collaboration will continue in the future. 

"We are happy to be able to call Baltijos vertimai one of our long-term and reliable partners. It is good to have reliable colleagues who we can turn to when needed. We always receive a quick response and professionally rendered service."

"We are pleased with the professionalism and good quality of your work. Our long-term collaboration with you shows that we are very happy with your firm’s work and the services you provide."