We offer three types of translation plans: the BV Good, BV Professional and BV Premium plans.

BV Good translation plan

If a translation is only required for personal use or use within your company, you may not need to spend time and money having it reviewed by a second translator or a publishing editor. In this case, the BV Good translation plan may be sufficient for your purposes. If you choose this plan, your text will be translated by a professional translator, and if it’s into Lithuanian, the text will also be checked by an editor. Plus, before being delivered to you, your text will receive a final check by the Project Manager assigned to it.

BV Professional translation plan
If you are going to publish the translated text or use it for advertising purposes, we recommend that you place an order under our BV Professional plan. When you order a translation under this plan, your text will be translated by a professional translator in such a way that no reader will realise it’s a translation; they will think it was originally written in that particular language. Translators for such translations are chosen according to their field of specialisation. A medical text will be translated by a translator with medical qualifications and/or experience, a technical text will be translated by a translator with relevant technical qualifications and/or experience, a legal text will be translated by a translator with legal qualifications and/or experience and an advertising text will be translated by a translator or translators with experience in the field of preparing advertising texts. The Project Manager assigned to you will be in contact with you during the translation process and he will help create a glossary of mutually agreed terminology. This will ensure that when the translation is done, there will be no unfamiliar or inappropriate terms in it. The translated text will be reviewed and edited by a proofreader/editor who is a native speaker of the target language. This provides additional assurance that the text is properly localised and tailored to the market or audience that will read it. Finally, before delivering the translation to you, the Project Manager will look over the text one more time, making any final correction that might be necessary before delivering the translation to you within the agreed deadline.
BV Premium translation plan

The BV Premium plan is available for those who want more. If you appreciate particularly high quality, this translation service plan is meant for you. We recommend this plan in cases where an extremely high level of accuracy is required in the translation. When you order a translation under this plan, the project team includes a second translator to review the work of the first professional translator (who is a specialist in the subject matter), thus ensuring an even higher level of quality. The text translation is done in a way that makes it appropriate for your intended audience. The work of these experienced translators is reviewed by editors who are native speakers of the target language. This ensures that your text sounds fluent in the other language, making its readers unaware that it is a translation. During the translation process, we will consult with you or your appointed representative concerning the terminology used in the text to make sure that we only use terminology that meets your requirements. The translated and edited text will also be reviewed once more by the Project Manager, who will make sure that the final translated text corresponds faithfully to the original, and he will make any final corrections that might be necessary.