Translation requires more than knowledge of another language... It takes a deep understanding of the other culture.

We will help you to be eloquent in your clients’ languages.

Investing in good quality translation is several times cheaper than fixing mistakes later.

Baltijos vertimai provides quality right from the start.

Fluent use of language is the key to a professional image and a successful business.

Baltijos vertimai can provide for all your proofreading and text editing needs.

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Welcome to our website. You probably need professional translation services. Do you need to get a letter, document, instruction or contract translated from a foreign language? It would be fun to learn all the languages in the world, but wouldn’t that be rather complicated? That’s when a translation agency is your best choice! If you need translations in Vilnius or another city, we can offer you a choice of 200 translators working together through 2 translation agencies, all providing translation services that are of good quality and always delivered on time. We already have 24 years of experience in this field! We collaborate with translators and editors who are native speakers of the target languages. We also work with layout specialists and press centres. We continually improve the skills of our employees through training and by giving them feedback on the quality of their translations. You can trust the quality of the translation work carried out by Baltijos vertimai!



They trust us

“We have been collaborating with Baltijos vertimai for quite a while and we are very satisfied. The staff there is always attentive to what we need and they deal with our requests promptly. When we need an urgent translation, we only contact Baltijos vertimai. When we need a notarised translation, we only contact Baltijos vertimai, because this translation agency not only satisfies us with its prices, but also with its prompt solutions. Thank you.”